JEI Technology Services Offer Custom IT Solutions Specifically Designed and Built to Your Company Needs.

Cloud Based Phone System

Save time and minimize costs by letting JEI TS manage your Cloud-Based Phone system. Easily scalable solution can be customize to serve your needs.
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Aerial Services

We are proud to offer aerial services made possible by a drone. Our experienced and FAA licensed pilot is ready to capture your footage and make your business more efficient and safer.


Optimize your current hardware and get the maximum out of it. Virtualization allows you to have multiple operating systems running on the same hardware, thus saving your money that would be spent on extra hardware, maintenance, and electricity costs.

Our Services

Networking Solutions

Wiring network cables to increase the performance of your current infrastructure

Cloud Computing

Save money by moving your machines to the cloud, thus avoiding hardware costs

Hardware Monitoring

Replacing parts and upgrading hardware has never been easier before

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