Our Services

JEI Technology Services offers many distinctive services to fit your needs. All of the services are custom made for the client and are flexible for adjustments.

Networking Solutions

  • Premise Wiring
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • VPN Solutions

Hardware Monitoring

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Part Replacement


  • Internet Telephony
  • Minimum Costs
  • Fax Over IP

Website Design

  • Website Design
  • Responsive & Innovative Design
  • Maintenance of Webspaces


  • Multiple Machines
  • Resource Optimization
  • Centralized Systems

Backup & Replication

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Off-Site and On-Site Backups
  • Downtime Minimization

Project Management

  • Contractor & Vendor Management
  • Overseeing Installations
  • Upgrade Planning

Long-Range Wireless Link

  • Long Range Wireless Backhaul
  • Local Wi-Fi Network
  • Existing Network Optimization

Cloud Computing

  • Server Migration
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Maximum Reliability

System Integration

  • Vendor Communications
  • Current Hardware Integration
  • Project Management

Help Desk

  • Client Support
  • Quick Response Time
  • Minimal Costs for Support

Vendor Management

  • Current Vendor Communications
  • Cost Cutting
  • Vendor Replacement

Can't Find a Service?

If you're looking for a service that is not on our list feel free to contact us. We'll reach out to you and discuss the service that you want

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