Aerial Footage

There are endless uses for a drone. We are here to offer them to you.


Aerial footage gives you another perspective for your business. You can easily take a look at things out of reach of a person. Structural safety inspections can be done in minutes with the help of a drone without the need of renting extra equipment and people.


Drones are extremely helpful in construction sites. Not only they can replace required aerial photographs, but can also help your company see the progress that was made. The footage can be used to calculate estimated percent of completion, tracking resources, managing equipment.

Photography & Videography

We cater to your needs and offer both still photo and video solution. Some situations requires both and we are ready to provide you with high quality aerial footage.

FAA Regulations

We are licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and highly experienced. The flights are conducted accoring to all FAA regulations and all safety measures are taken both before and during the flight.

Sample Shots

A couple of sample pictures to better portray the capabilities of aerial photography.

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